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Bürkle Technical Springs | Certified Quality
Reinhold Bürkle
Technische Federn GmbH

Siemensstr. 37-39
71394 Kernen i. R.

Tel.: +49 (7151) 45035-30
Fax: +49 (7151) 45035-55






Reinhold Bürkle Technische Federn GmbH

We have pleasure in welcoming you to our website!

Flexible & high-performing
Nice to welcoming you! Precise, Flexible & Powerful. Looking for a partner to support you from the development and testing of prototypes to high volume production. Then you are right with us!

The Reinhold Bürkle Technische Federn GmbH provides you with quality according to IATF 16949 and DIN ISO 9001. We provide services to which you can rely. For 50 years we are as a manufacturer specializing in the production of leaf springs, stamped and bent parts, bent wire parts and stampings.

  • With our own tool department, we have a long-standing know-how in the production of metal parts, precision springs and technical springs of stainless steel. We use spring band steel and spring wire as well as various other metals. It also non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, bronze and aluminum are used.
  • Precision and flexibility distinguish us. Be there in the one-off production, the production of small series, medium or large series or in the production of prototypes. In our sample and prototype production it is possible to create and test small series, prototypes or pre-series before investing in expensive tools.
  • Benefit from our mid-spring factory, stamping and Tooling. We are your supplier or manufacturer of technical springs and precision stamping parts in Baden-Württemberg from the Stuttgart area. We have a global customer base with references from all industries.
  • Our highly motivated, technically skilled team works with the
    modern CNC-technology. We develop effective solutions for your ideas and specifications. Because as Swabian traditional company we know ourselves to the needs of our customers adjust. Bürkle ensures a smooth service. Customer-oriented, flexible, dependable and enduring.
  • We offer drawing parts which we develop according to your wishes in the design and then implement in manufacturing with our own tool department. We do not have the manufacturer's catalog or shop with standard parts. As a service provider, we can offer more solutions for tension springs, compression springs, torsion springs, coil springs and disc springs in cooperation with longstanding partners to you.

Our motto:
“Persuasion with quality, flexibility and reliability!”

Our aim:
“Your satisfaction!”

Haven't you tried us yet? Set us a challenge and see our comprehensive technical knowledge and expertise for yourself.

Buy your Stampings, Stampings and bent wire parts with us !!!
You do not know us? Challenge us and let us convince you of our extensive stamping and spring-technical know-how.

Be sure to repeat offenders !!!
We offer you quality and service you can rely on !!!

     We celebrate 50-year anniversary !!!

(1.Juli 1965 - 2015)

building bürkle factory
progressive die construction stamping - bending die construction
Production building, Siemensstraße 37-39

Warehouse, Siemensstraße 38

stampings wire bent parts stamped and bent parts
stampings - wire bending - contact springs

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